I decided on a more informal approach involving group work, practical activity and discussions, this method was chosen to keep the group inspired and maintain their interest. Initially there is an introduction to the topic, and then the class will be placed into groups. Each group is given a handout, and set the exercise to work on.
The subject being taught is not an easy subject by working in the groups the learners can encourage each other and also the learners that find this subject difficult will not feel isolated and incapable.
Once the activity is complete an overhead projector (OHP) will be used and the picture will be put up on the board.   The learners I will then ask the learners to come out individually and write on the board against the picture the answers they had.   Using this method I can select some of the learners which are not confidant and encourage these individuals in a positive manner.
Once this activity is complete I will then discuss the subject of the muscles of the horse.
The resources used for this lesson are initially a picture which has been laminated this will be handed out to the groups for each group to fill in.   Once the exercise is complete each learner will be given a handout with the same picture on for the learner to complete correctly and keep in their files for future reference.
I will use an OHP, for the first exercise it will be used to put the picture on the board; the classroom used has limited facilities.   Once I start on the discussion I will then put lecture notes on the OHP for the learners, especially those learners that struggle to keep up with note taking.   During the discussion I will at stages stop and ask if the learners have any questions, and make sure that the subject being taught is understood.   There will also be class involvement and group evaluation
Towards the end of the lesson I will summarise everything taught and make sure that the learners understand the subject matter and...