Cert Ed Ass 1.
I. Roles, responsibilities and boundaries.

My overriding role and responsibility as a teacher is to develop my learners understanding and knowledge. Many definitions of learning exist, however as a teacher I am responsible for providing my learners with clear tasks, goals and informing them of progress made. I need to be able to explain and describe things clearly. I encourage my learners to think, to learn from others and be confident enough to make mistakes without fear of being treated negatively. I actively encourage learner participation, treat all learner questions seriously and use regular assessment strategies to monitor learners’ progress. My activities are varied to accommodate all learning styles. Feedback given is always positive with the use of clear, achievable targets and goals. Above all I try to make content and purpose explicit, I plan well, assess and feedback, make connections and encourage learners to think about thinking. Although the quotation below is taken from higher education I feel it applies to all teaching.
In his book Ramsden (1992, pg.8) stated:
For too long we have relied in higher education on teaching that is essentially an amateur affair. A professional approach to teaching should be seen in the same light as a professional approach to law, medicine, or engineering. From the perspective in this book, it is not enough for a lecturer to be an exceptional clinician, advocate or designer. He or she must be a distinguished teacher as well.


Boundaries need to be taken very seriously. The majority of boundaries can be covered in the group contract but as a teacher I need to be aware of boundaries which might not be appropriate to include in the group contract. Examples are not entering into a physical relationship with a learner. Avoid socialising with learners and even if   I bump into a learner when out and about to be aware of the impact of what I say or do. I am careful to avoid being on my own with...