Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher/trainer in the terms of the teaching/training cycle.

. My five roles as a teacher in the teacher cycle are: By Chris Rawlinson

1. To identify the needs of the company / training provider that I am working for, determin the   aim of the session / course.   The needs of the students attending the lesson / course. Also to make sure the company /training provider and students are attaining what is required from the lesson.

2. Planning and designing the course or lesson, this would involve drawing up a session plan and a system to which one could work to as a tutor and adopt a varied teaching approach to all skill levels and different learning styles.

3. Ensure that I am teaching in a suitable manner and that I am clear, concise and can be understood.

4. Assessing to make sure the students   have learnt, understood and are confident with the required skills and knowledge.

5. Gathering feedback from students so I can evaluate myself and make any changes/ adjustments   that I would use for   the training in the future.

It is my role within my organization is to teach level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal trainer and is to meet the needs of the students and the awarding body  

Identify needs    
It would be my responsibility to identify the need of the students and the awarding body. This would consist of an introduction and an initial assessment. So that all are aware of personal aims and objectives within the lesson/course. Ability to identify and tackle boundaries that I’m sure to encounter in situations such as, physical/mental disability, skill level, lack of resources and time constraints.  

Plan and design
It would be my responsibility to plan and design a lesson programme that was based on the individual needs of the students and which also met the criteria of the awarding body.   Which also would include designing presentations, gathering...