The teacher/ training cycle is the basic framework applicable to all aspects of teaching,   it outlines the various stages you go through to deliver a successful lesson.   Within this framework we have to be aware of the roles, responsibilities and boundaries that govern the conduct of the teacher.

These can be broken down into 5 key areas

Identifying needs
The role as a teacher at this stage would be to make myself aware of the learners personal circumstances, such as any previous experience, culture, physical/mental disabilities, hearing, speech, special needs or learning styles are some of the considerations that need to be addressed, although boundaries need to be drawn as well, on personal and professional issues.   For example if the student was female be aware of compromising situations, like 1 to 1 tuition and practical demonstrations.

Planning and Design
┬áHere I would be responsible for such things as course timings and location, numbers on course, resources available, any changes to subject matter, researching websites and creating a scheme of work / lesson plans, produce hand outs, sort out classroom, inform students of location, timings and kit requirement and of any restrictions. Ensure the safety of the learners would be a health and risk assessment would be produced to identify and potential hazards.   An equipment check and register produced to ensure all equipment is serviceable.

Facilitating and Delivery
 Duties here would include normal prelims. (Attendance register, housekeeping, emergency procedures etc) checking understanding of the subject through questions (2 way) being flexible and adaptable to learner needs and being enthusiastic in my delivery

Responsibilities here would include provision for revision on previous lessons.   Ensuring the learners have learnt the necessary subject matter, skills and have the knowledge set in the Identifying stage.

Obtaining feedback from the learners and evaluating...