Assignment 1

By Blitz

In this assignment I will explain the roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning from my understanding of the main role as a teacher is to teach a subject to learners in a way that actively encompasses and engrosses the learners during the session, I have helped develop PowerPoint presentations on various subjects relevant to my own area of work, obtained teaching materials such handbooks, publications relevant to that particular subject, I have observed from outside training agencies that have delivered training on the premises and noted their style and delivery during a session and the technology that they utilise and also I have been on hand to give support not only to the learner but to the lecturer when unforeseen problems arise during the session.  

All of this has provided me with a good grounding in lifelong learning as our organisation runs courses on a wide variety of subjects.   As lifelong learning provides learning opportunities for anyone from the age of 14 and over to help people achieve their full potential, I am within this age group and I feel that when I achieve this PTLLS qualification it will help me achieve my aims and ambitions to open more doors for myself and develop my role in teaching, this will also enhance the service the organisation provides to its own learners and other Homes in our area as we intend to offer our services to Homes who struggle to provide training because of lack of resources in people, time and money to do so.

I understand from studying Ann Gravells book that it is not just the teaching aspect given but the learning which takes place during a session, as a result of the teaching I should be up to date on the knowledge of the subject that I am undertaking to ensure that I use clear, straight to the point language at an appropriate level and in terms that my learners/learners understand and encouraging them to want to learn more.  

Ann Gravells states...