Taken from Developing qualifications for teachers, tutors and trainers in the lifelong learning sector in England.

Identifying roles in the lifelong learning sector
The lifelong learning sector is diverse, and encompasses both teacher roles and teacher related roles.
Teacher roles: LLUK research has identified two distinct teacher roles in the sector:
• a full teaching role which represents the full range of responsibilities performed
• an ‘associate’ teacher role which contains fewer teaching responsibilities
Teacher related roles: These are roles where elements of teaching are combined with elements of, for example, supporting other teachers and trainers through coaching, supporting learning, or management. An example of such a role is that of professional assessor.

Teaching roles in the lifelong learning sector
In this section we identify roles teaching roles in the lifelong learning sector in England. Initial qualifications appropriate for these roles are detailed in the next section. The diversity of this sector has already been described. Identifying the roles that teachers undertake is essential if teacher training and related qualifications are to prepare teachers for what they are expected to do. As noted above, LLUK research has identified two distinct teaching roles across the sector.

The teacher in the full teacher role and a teacher role with fewer responsibilities we have named an associate teacher role. Further research may identify further roles and reference has already been made to this with regard to teacher related roles. It is these roles and responsibilities that will be important in identifying the appropriate qualification for staff in these roles to undertake. This is an important change from previous requirements. From September 2007 it is no longer the amount of time that someone teaches which determines the qualification(s) necessary to take, but the teaching responsibilities within their role....