Ptlls Theory Part 1

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher/trainer/tutor in terms of the teaching/learning cycle

Like all the learners that would be under my tuition, I would have to familiarise myself with their individual learning needs so that I may guide them through the course. I would do this by gathering information so that I could tailor the course to suit them.

First of all would be a basic Literacy and Numeracy assessment, so that I could   ascertain their levels of entry. From this I would be able to get an understanding of the Learners boundaries. It is also important to familiarise myself with the Learners type of learning style, whether they take on information via audio, visual, or kinethstetic (Practical hands on demonstrations). I would then have to tailor the course to their intended learning styles. Overall there maybe many learners with different styles of learning within a class, so I would implement the use off many types of Teaching aids, Flip charts/Projectors, Verbal, Practical demonstrations, it is good practice to use a variety of teaching aids to overcome this type of situation.

Depending on the subject that I maybe teaching, I would want to make sure that the course was the right one for my learners and that it would benefit them. The way that I would carry this out is by a one to one discussion with the Learner, gaining all the important information from them and giving guidance back. For instance what their goals/aspirations are, where do they see themselves in the years ahead, do they have any learning difficulties that they may need help with to get them through the course and also to point out that I am available to be contacted with any problems they may have surrounding the course. Next would be action planning through an individual learning plan to start them on their way, this is how we would plan the course work they need to study, and set dates and times for the completion of work.

Once Learning...