Ptlls Theory 1

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teacher/training cycle.

My role, responsibilities and boundaries as a branch manager and trainer would include all the five points of the Training Cycle

Identifying needs and planning

Once the new employee joins the company, the pre set induction process begin. Initially this is through explaining the fire procedures, the layout of the building, and the initial ground rules of the business. Throughout the induction I will get a sense of the learners training needs such as their preferred learning style that I will categorize using Neil Fleming's VARK model (1987).

  1. VISUAL Preference for seeing, visual aids
  2. AUDITORY Listening and discussing
  3. READING/WRITING Copy writing
  4. TACTILE Hands on experience, physically doing the job

Although most learners have a mixture of the above styles, I will ensure that their needs are met accordingly. Through realization of their preferred style, I will adapt my teaching techniques in order to give the correct support.


The learner will have a pre set training manual to complete and this is sectionalized to allow full understanding of each part of the role within the company. I will encourage the learner, based on their preferred style to create their own portfolio in line with the training manual, and use question and answer sessions throughout.


Using continuous verbal support to the learner, they will shadow me, watching each customer transaction, whilst asking and answering leading questions, until we change roles. I will then observe the learner carrying out day to day transactions with customers, giving encouragement throughout.


Whilst observing the learner without prompting, I will use the pre set training manual to ensure procedures are covered, and give feedback gathered from work peers and customers. I will use positive and constructive...