Ptlls Task7

Course Title: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning sector
Student Id: 40078878
Student Name: Tony Baker

Task 7

Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Evaluate the use of assessment methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment. Justify the types of assessment records you would complete and why.
Suggested word count: 400-600 words.

‘Assessment is a way of finding out if learning has taken place’ (Gravells, 2009, p75)

‘Assessment is the process of finding out about the nature and quality of the students learning’ (Minton, 2002, p197)

In order to do this it is first necessary to establish the learner’s current level of understanding which can then be used as a baseline to judge how well subsequent teaching improves on the baseline. To do this an initial or diagnostic assessment is carried out. This might also be useful in establishing whether a candidate is suitable for the course or learning program that they wish to undertake.

Once this baseline line has been established, it is then important that ongoing assessment is carried out throughout the course, to ensure that learners understanding of the subject is improving over the baseline and is reaching the established aims of the individual sessions of the scheme of work. It will also provide the teacher and student with feedback on any areas where they might need additional help with. This is referred to as formative assessment.

Once a scheme of work or sometimes a session has been completed, the teacher is likely to use a method of summative assessment to establish an overall measure of how well the individual learner has improved their understanding of that particular topic or scheme of work.

Independent assessment is another option where someone who has not been involved with your learners carries out the assessment. ‘This ensures a quality check for the course/qualification...