Ptlls Task 1

The teaching / training cycle consists of five processes;
- identify needs
- plan and design
- deliver / facilitate
- assess
- evaluate

It is a teacher’s responsibility to identify needs before starting teaching, this should take in to account the centres needs, the learner’s needs and in some instanced the employer’s needs.

The learner’s needs may be identifiable from their enrolment form and could include a need for additional support due to a learning disability like dyslexia, a need for specialist support due to a disability such as a signer if a learner is deaf or they may have a physical disability. The teacher would need to consider if they could meet the needs identified themselves or if they needed specialist assistance.

When planning and designing the teaching, start with a scheme of work for the course and session plans. These would need to follow the template format used by the centre and meet the syllabus laid down by the Awarding Body if it is an accredited qualification. If the teaching was on behalf of an employer they would be involved to ensure that their needs were met. As part of the planning and development stage the teacher must prepare the powerpoint, design the induction including the icebreaker, design the activities / exercises, produce the handouts, ensure that all the necessary resources are available and ensure that any assessment paperwork meets the Awarding Body requirements. They would need to ensure that any pre-session materials had been sent to the learners.

When delivering / facilitating the session the teacher must ensure that the room is suitable and laid out appropriately. All learners must sign an attendance register in case of evacuation and also as evidence of attendance. The teacher must try to ensure that all the learners are relaxed in the environment by using a simple icebreaker that encourages everyone to get to know each other and by involving the group in setting their own ground rules. The ground...