Ptlls Roles and Responsabilities

I see my role as a teacher as a vessel, to pass on knowledge to help and encourage to advise and to listen to learners, if they are just starting the learning journey or are looking for the next step.
It is important to encourage all learners realise their full potential. We must ensure race, creed, colour sexual orientation or learning difficulty are not barriers to learners achieving their goal.
As teachers we must recognise learners as individuals and offer differing learning styles not all learners respond to the same stimuli.
We must keep up to date and current in our field this may require that we attend seminars, train the trainer events. As teachers we must be professional and all information we pass on is correct and reflects current working practices & codes of practice.
We have a responsibility to create a teaching environment that is conducive to learning where the learner is stimulated & encouraged to learn. We must also be aware of our responsibility to the learner outside of the classroom we must realise our responsibility to help and encourage can go far beyond the end of the training course or lesson. I always pass on my contact details to learners and make myself available (within reason) when required. I find this is the time when learners will ask about further training that can aid with career progression or personal betterment.
With regard to boundaries I can information advice & guidance I can help and encourage the learner, but I cannot make decisions for them I am not a parent or guardian and I must ensure I stay professional at all times.