Ptlls Role and Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher

G. Petty in his book claim that :”A common error is to see the teacher’s role as mainly to present information to students. To send information is one thing, but to get students to understand this information by making their own meaning of it is quite another.”(Petty, 2004, p.20)[1]

My role as a teacher is to enable teaching and learning process to the learners. That is why a teacher has to be prepared to act as a:
• “ Presenter
•   Communicator
•   Instructor
•   Mentor
•   Teacher
•   Tutor
•   Lecturer
•   Counselor” (PTLLS, p.5)[2]

Art teacher duties can be divided into five categories:
  1. “Duties referring to teaching and curriculum:

    - to contribute to the development of Visual Art Curriculum
    - to act as a tutor carrying out pastoral and administrative responsibilities
    - recruit students

  2. Administrative tasks:

  Compile and maintain:
    - records of students’ attendance
    - schemes of work/programs of study
    - assessment schemes in course management
    - record’s of student’s individual learning programs
    - students’ progress reports and records of achievement
    - progression and course outcome statistics
    - awarding body records
    - examination details

  Take responsibility for monitoring, record keeping and coordinating a group or groups of students.

  Implement faculty procedures regarding student behaviour and discipline, in the context of formal college procedures.

  Contribute to course submissions for validation and course review.

  3. Liaison and monitoring

      Liaise as necessary with tutors and staff across the Faculty and College.

      Liaise as necessary with employers, examination boards and external bodies.

      To liaise with the external verifiers, assessors and moderators as appropriate.

  4. Professional development:

      To update academic and educational knowledge and practice by attending course, conferences...