Ptlls Q5

Q5. Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area.
Being part of and working in the healthcare environment most of the students work would be practical in certain parts where this would be required. All though there is a great part of theory work to be carried out hands on training would be more advantageous for the student i.e.   Intravenous Cannulation, Treatment of Anaphylactic Shock.
To train a student on Intravenous Canulation which is the giving of liquid/fluids directly into a vein?   After covering the theory side of the training the students would then be shown the different types of cannula that they use on different patients. A demonstration from a qualified person would then be carried out. The students would then be given the chance to train on a human or dummy arm culminating in them being competent in carrying out this procedure.
Also the treatment of a casualty who is in anaphylactic shock. This would require good literacy skills as they would need to be able to follow a flow chart of the signs and symptoms and treatment of anaphylactic shock. Students would also be required to carry out practical training as they might be required to administer adrenalin to counteract the shock. Numeracy skills would also be required here as student would need to be able to count how much adrenaline could be administered to the casualty.
With the above two situations the lessons are delivered to a time scale during training i.e. by power point or the hands on approach. Students would be encouraged to gain more knowledge of the subjects by reading up on them or by searching the internet hence good literacy and IT skills would be required.