Ptlls Level 3

Assignment 2
Roles and responsibilities as a teacher in the lifelong learning sector
In order that learners needs can be met, teachers have roles, responsibilities and boundaries that can be developed within the teacher/training cycle.
One of the roles of a teacher within the lifelong learning sector is to value all of their learners individually and equally. Also their role is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for the learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners.  
As well as helping learners achieve the objective of their chosen subject in order to pass assessment a teachers roles also include:
  * Identifying learners needs. Finding out about any individual or collective needs of a group. This can also include knowing about services and resources to assist with any specific learning needs.

  * Planning and preparation. Identification of learning outcomes and planning of delivery of the subject matter in various ways. The collation of suitable resources. Ensuring environment for teaching is of a suitable standard. Production of the essential lesson plan

  * Teaching and learning. The following through of lesson plans. Ensuring all learners is included and actively participates in sessions. Provision of learner support at appropriate levels where required

  * Assessment.   Ongoing assessment of learner’s progression through the course and giving feedback. Assessment of learner’s achievement at the end of the course and the recording of this. Internal verification and moderation of colleagues assessments

  * Evaluation. Gathering and acting on information from learners, employers and colleagues about the course in order to improve further session

As well as these key factors, other responsibilities include:
  * Record keeping
  * Promotion of equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity
  * The awareness and delivery of requirements of awarding bodies relating to...