Ptlls Level 3. Unit 301.Task A. Leaflet Supporting New Member of Staff

Welcome to The Centre.

As a new member of The Centre you must follow the procedures and rules describe below.

Firstly, your role as a teacher will be carried out following the training cycle, which involves:

• Identifying needs and planning:
You will need to “... identify each individual learner’s existing capabilities so that realistic learning goals... can be identified.” (Gray et al, 2000, p.47). Through the initial questionnaire provided by The Centre, you will make you sure that the candidates are suitable for the course and level they are applying for. When needed, you will interview the candidate to ensure that his/her expectations can be achieved during the course

Furthermore, you will be in charge of planning your own sessions with the aim of delivering the content described in The Centre handbook per each of the subjects. You can use all the resources available such as the library or the room with the projector. You should book these areas using the spreadsheet published on the network in order to arrange the time with other teachers.

• Designing
You can create your own handout or use the ones provided by the Centre. The sessions are one hour long and you should combine theory and practise, preparing the students for the final assessment.

• Facilitating
In order to teach in a suitable manner, you have to managing the behaviour of the students addressing it immediately when needed. Listen to the students need in order to adapt the way you are teaching. Work in groups of students for different activities promoting equality and diversity. No one can be excluded when you are teaching.

• Assessing
A formal assessment take place two months to ascertain if the students are acquiring the knowledge and skills planned previously. These assessments are agreed within the teachers of the same department to provide standard assessments to different groups with different teachers but same subject in common. The results must be provided to...