Ptlls L 3 Unit 1 Evidence of Roles and Responsibilities

This case study is based on training in the Highways and Utilities sector. Although managers teams and operatives will have varied expertise in terms of the “asset” they will be maintaining be it the highways infrastructure or the pipes and cables that run within it, the common bond is the legislation and specifications that govern the reinstatement of the structure and surfacing they will be working with. Clearly, many of these workers have spent a lifetime in their respective industries but have not kept pace with the ever changing standards of Health and Safety as well as construction specification demanded by government and the public sector, which now run into thousands of pages………
The challenge in training within this sector is to adapt the presentation of sometimes very technical information to a group that will encompass a very diverse mix of skills and ability from senior managers who may wish only an overview in order to make financial decisions to operatives who need detailed criteria but who may have very basic literacy and numeracy skills.
In designing presentations and course work the trainer must have a detailed assessment of all of the individuals who will be included in the training and organise them into separate groups. Sessions can then be designed to include an appropriate level of content with the presentation materials best suited to the needs and ability of the group. It will almost certainly be the case that some of the operatives will not be willing inclusions in the training and the trainer will have to overcome a degree of apathy.