Ptlls Assing 1 Draft 2

`Summarise The Key Aspects Of Current Legislative Requirements And Codes Of Practice Relevant To Your Subject And The Type Of Organisation Within Which You Would Like To Work.

There are several Acts and Regulations that will need to be adhere to, some of these include
  Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
  Each individual has a responsibility for the safety of themselves and for others. As a teacher I not only have to be aware of the rules I must tell my learners as well.   At the start of class I must point out where the nearest fire escapes are and who the first aid person is.
  As a teacher I will be responsible for assessing the risk of my area to try, as far as possible, to minimise any accidents happening; and to record any accidents and incidents that do take place. 09.06.2012 09.06.2012

The Workplace, (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

These regulations deal with physical conditions in the workplace and require employers to meet minimum standards in relation to a wide range of matters, which include: maintenance of buildings and equipment, lighting, provision of drinking water, temperature, rest facilities, ventilation, toilet facilities and first aid.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

These regulations oblige employers to assess the workstations of staff who use display screen equipment (DSE). The workstation is the equipment itself, its accessories and the surrounding work environment. The minimum requirements of employers are to:
    • identify "users" of display screen equipment, ie those who habitually use DSE as a significant part of their normal work
    • assess workstations to ensure that they meet minimum standards
    • provide information, instruction and training on the potential hazards of using DSE equipment
    • offer free eyesight tests to users of DSE equipment...