Ptlls Assignment 4

No 4. Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

It is important to establish ground rules with learners. If ground rules are established at the beginning of the class then learners are aware of what is expected of them as a group and also as individuals.
There are many different ways to establish ground rules within a group setting.

As the tutor you could ask your learners to call out specific rules that they feel are important to them. The drawback to this is that stronger members of the group are likely to be the people to call out the rules and people who are more introverted are less likely to say what they are thinking. Also having many people calling out at once can get confusing and often ideas can be missed.

You as the tutor could hand out a pre-determined set of rules to the group of what you expect them to do and how to behave.
Problems with this arise because students have no ownership of theses set of rules and so they are likely not to adhere to them.

Within your class you can break the group into smaller groups and ask them to discuss and write down between 6 and 8 rules they feel are important to the group as a whole. The idea of breaking them into smaller groups enables the quieter learners to have in-put into the ground rules, after a period of time bring the group back together and ask each group to feed back the ground rules that they have devised.
As one group the rules that have been devised can then be discussed and altered into 8 to 10 rules.

Ground rules need to be established to make learners aware of what is required of them but to also make you aware of what they require from you as a tutor.
As a tutor I feel that breaking the class into smaller groups and enabling them to establish their own set of rules gives the class the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility of those rules.
Gravells (2008 pg8) explains “having...