Ptlls Assignment 2 Legislation

Assignment 2
Current relevant legislation, codes of practise.
I am working with adults with various disabilities, learning, physical, mental and sensory in a manufacturing factory environment.
There are several pieces of legislation which affect or impinge on vulnerable adults working in a factory environment.
Initially the first one I came across was the Health & Safety at Work act 1974 which revolutionised health & safety in all working areas, putting the onus more on employers than employees, but providing a strong framework with which to build on. The need to complete risk assessments for every job generically or individually to quantify the risk and state what was in place to reduce it to a manageable situation.
The Data Protection Act 1998 which stated that all personal data in electronic and manual form must be obtained fairly and lawfully and the subject should be informed who the compliance / controller is and what the purpose or to whom it may be disclosed.
The data collected should be held in a safe and secure place.
Equality Act 2010 Started in October brings together several different laws to protect people from discrimination on the grounds of: race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, pregnancy & age all under this act.
The idea of this act is to make it transparent and easier to understand what discrimination is and what isn’t.
As someone who works with disabled people I feel it is important to keep up with present legislation in order to explain to them their rights under the law and know that what I train them on and how I train them is legally correct.

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