Ptlls Assignment 1

Own Role, Responsibilities And Boundaries Of Role
In Relation To Teaching.

As an instructor my roles and responsibilities are varied and extensive, ranging from completing records, following professional values and ethics, having a duty of care and designing a program of study.

The first and most important roles as an instructor are getting to know my students needs and ensuring a safe learning environment. From being a learner on the PTLLS course I have been able to see how different peoples learning styles are, even if we are there to achieve the same result. Therefore, one way to discover the requirements, learning styles, concerns and apprehensions of my students would be to carry out an ice breaker activity. Wilson describes an icebreaker as:
“I – introduce yourself
C – create a comfortable setting
E – encourage communication
B – break down barriers
R – reveal concerns
E – encourage team spirit
A – ascertain needs
K – know your learners
E – establish rules
R – re-visit previous learning” (2008: 13)

Another one of my responsibilities as an instructor is to plan lessons to cover the standards set out for the course by the National Resilience Assurance Team (NRAT). According to Wilson “Teaching and Learning should be a structured process. Teaching (and Learning) will follow a cycle and the teacher makes use of this to ensure achievement” (2008: 15).

The training cycle would look similar to this:-
Identifying Needs: Of the organisation, myself and my students by agreeing lesson plans and carrying out initial assessments (Gravells 2012:11)
Planning Learning: Prepare lesson plans, schemes of work and ensure adequate materials for the learning (Gravells 2012:11)
Facilitating Learning: Using a variety of approaches and techniques carry out the teaching (Gravells 2012:11)
Evaluation: By obtaining feedback from students and myself improvements can be made for the future (Gravells 2012:11)
Assessing Learning: Ensure the necessary skills and...