Ptlls Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher, in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
The role of a teacher is to effectively communicate knowledge and ensure the knowledge has been learned by the learner. This is achieved through structured and planed sessions. This includes preparation of teaching materials, lesson plans, maintaining records of learner progress. Interact with learners individually and equally.
To create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning the VARK (Fleing and Mills (1992)/ 17/5/11) learning preferences can be applied.
Plan the lesson so activities would include taking notes (Read/write), with handout diagrams (Visual) verbal feedback with learners and myself (Aural) and relate the activity to the learners (hands on) experience (Kinaesthetic).   Parts of the lesson would be group or individual work where learners are allowed to complete the set task after the teacher explained the theory.   The task would be evaluated to ensure knowledge has been passed on to the learner.
Teachers must be knowledgeable and competent in the subject.   Ensuring knowledge has been passed on and learned in a safe and structured way.
Ensure the learners know organisation rules such as no smoking and compliance with health and safety.
Ensure learning materials are accurate and up to date.
You must ensure professional and personal life is separate between learner and teacher.   The teacher should not have a personal relationship with a learner on the same course.
It would be inappropriate form a personal relationship with a learner.

The teaching/training cycle
Below are roles, responsibilities and boundaries, in regards to Kolb’s teaching/training cycle. (

Roles: To formulate lesson...