Ptlls Assignment 1

This paper will discuss what my roles, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teacher/training cycle. The paper will first of all discuss what the teacher/training cycle is then attempt to apply roles, responsibilities and boundaries to it.

The teacher/training cycle
The teacher/training cycle consists of five stages:

Identifying needs and planning
This is about finding out the needs of the organisation and its learners, preparing scheme of work and lesson plans to fulfil the needs of the organisation, the syllabus and the learners.

Preparing the environment, suitable delivery resources and handouts.

Teaching and learning in a suitable manner

Ensuring your learners have learnt the necessary skills and knowledge.

Obtaining feedback from your learners and evaluating yourself in order to modify or make changes in the future

Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries
Now that we have briefly discussed the teacher/training cycle I will attempt to apply roles, responsibilities and boundaries to each stage:

Identifying needs and planning
Assessor; Reviewer; Initial Interviewer
It is important to identify the needs of the learners so you can create your lesson plans to reflect these needs. This would be done in the first instance by means of an Assessor or Initial Interviewer. You must also consider the needs of the organisation you are teaching for and the needs of the syllabus. This identification of needs should be ongoing throughout the course.
When conducting an initial interview it is the learner’s right to expect that the information provided will be dealt with confidentially and within the parameters of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Lesson Planner/Designer; Reviewer; Organiser (of environment)
It is the responsibility of the teacher to plan and design the...