Ptlls Assignment 1

I’m an Assistant Manager within raining. My main role focuses on managing the Observation of Teaching and Learning (OTL) and Audit Compliance within the centre I work. It’s through these areas I have input into sff training. My role covers all programmes we deliver – Job Centre Plus (JCP) Work-based Learning (WBL) and Enty to Employment (E2E). I have been carrying out this role since March 2008, part time (20 hours per week).

Within JCP the first area I decided to focus on was assessing exactly where the team was in terms of meeting contractual requirements, if they were completing documentation correctly and how the programme was meeting the needs of clients. I began by carrying out regularly visits to each of the centres we operate from to carry out formal audit checks.

It became apparent through these assessments the areas necessary for staff to work on to improve standards.   Individual team meetings were held after each of the checks to feedback to all concerned findings and action necessary raise standards. This was also an opportunity for staff to feedback where they thought changes could be made.

This is one area where boundaries need to be clearly set. I have certain responsibilities to deal with – if a member of staff or client was to raise a query that I did not have the answer to I would need to explain that I need to find out the answer or refer them to the correct person/agency. I am fully aware of the consequences that may arise from the wrong information being given. E.g. at worst it could have a detrimental effect on a client’s progress, contractual money claimed back.

Through close liaison with the JCP Assistant Manager when the audits were carried out, it became apparent that more staff training was needed. I was able to feed into the staff training to be covered. I organised other members of staff from another ‘contract’ area to assist as they had specific team building skills to add the variety needed to the day. I planned and...