Ptlls Assignment 1

Describe/review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle.

In my job as a forklift instructor and examiner, I follow the five steps of the teaching cycle. My role is to deliver training to the standard required by Government Legislation. I strive to attain successful outcomes for all students. I also need to ensure that all students are interested and motivated enough to ensure they become competent and safe operators. My responsibilities include maintaining a safe environment, safety of myself and other people who may be affected by acts or omissions (HASAW Act 1974). The boundaries I must follow include work within current legislation, be a friend but not friendly, know the limits of my knowledge, work within those limits and to know where to refer students to for further information.

The teaching cycle consists of five elements.

  1. Identifying needs.
I must consider the needs of students as individuals and as a group, taking into account their learning ability and limitations. I need to consider additional resources that may be required, for example translators/interpreters for students of different nationalities.

2 Planning and Design
I need to consider the method of delivery for example power point presentation, flipchart, videos and suitable, safe equipment for practical elements. Presentations need to include motivating slides and pictures, ensuring students’ interest is maintained, it is clear and unambiguous. Planning a course includes talking to employers and managers on site, agreeing a quiet room for theory sessions and a designated area for practical sessions which is safe and away from the normal work activities.

3 Enabling/Delivering
Forklift training includes theory and practical sessions. Delivery starts with theory presentation to inform students of obligations under legislation for both employers and employees. I regularly confirm their understanding of the subject...