Ptlls Assignment 1 (All Sections) - Unchecked

When first organising a course it is my responsibility as a trainer to ensure I have endeavoured to identify the needs of my students.   Whether this is by knowing my students or by estimating the needs of an unknown group and reviewing constantly as the sessions progress.   In either instance, it is essential that my knowledge and information is up-to-date   and relevant to the subject and material I am to teach.   Boundaries to my responsibilities as a trainer would be a personal lack of knowledge about the students, both at during planning and at the start of the course and personal knowledge of the subject.   (105 words)

When designing a course I need to make it as engaging as possible.   It needs to be based around the needs of the students taking into account both the requirements of the course and the limitations of Health and Safety legislation.   I can make use of icebreakers to assist in creating a relaxed, comfortable environment but not overuse these as they can cause a distraction to learning.   I also need to incorporate the kinaesthetic, aural and visual learning styles whilst looking at using, where possible the numeracy, literacy and ICT skills where applicable.   Room layout is also an important aspect of designing a course, there is no point planning a large practical exercise if you do not have the space for this.   There are courses that I will be looking to teach that contain various references to Government legislations so I need to ensure that my teaching materials always refer to the most current version and that I too am up to date and relevant.

When delivering a course I need to give careful consideration to my tone of voice, speed of speech and choice of language.   I need to be aware of bad habits, such as the overuse of words such as ‘ok’ and try to minimise the use of these.   Personal appearance plays an important part in the students perception of you, if you look clean, professional and have an outwardly calm appearance they will react...