Ptlls Ass1

Ground rules may be set by:
External body
Or with the combine efforts of all of them
(Mawer) “A rule defines general expectations of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour that will cover different situations”. Like
  * Be on time.
  * Respect for others and their opinion.
  * Open to healthy criticism.
Rules should contain some flexibility and general acceptance i.e. for the positive learning and developing mutual understanding of teacher, students, education and the organisation.
Rules can be introduced through:
Verbal reminders discussing the rules especially in the starting or after back from the holidays or whenever needed.
Posters and charts   should be stick in front within the eye level of the learners.
In many situations a teacher has to experience in appropriate behaviour but some positive initiatives can bring a change. Few of them are
  * Feeling of boredom, sometimes they show no interest in the lesson not responding even. Teacher should use the technique of scanning, moving around in a class or designing different activities.
  * Disruptive or talking irrelevant, involving others in it or forming groups. This should be discouraged; control through eye contact can be an effective way. Lesson should be for the whole class and with a perfect flow.
  * Low self esteem, complexes and thinking of low from others, could be of other’s outer looks or their best results & popularity. Positive encouragement, asking questions and appreciating the least efforts can make a big change that will surely boost up the confidence of the individual.
In short, for the motivational and healthy learning environment it is very important to set ground rules and much important is to make it a common practise.