Ptlls Ass1 Theory 1

“Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.”


The role of the teacher is to plan effectively to optimise the learning of all students to the best of their ability within the framework set by the syllabus and curriculum. The responsibilities of the teacher here include deciding and adopting a teaching strategy which suits the subject being taught, the students ability and the expected outcomes of the lesson. The teacher should gain information on the students to make strategic decisions regarding how best to teach them. They should also ensure the lesson falls within the framework of the curriculum and syllabus. They should organise resources for the lesson as well as any support any particular student may require prior to delivery of the lesson. The teacher should plan the lesson and record that planning in the form of a scheme of work and lesson plan for others to view as required. Boundaries are time constraints, budget, ability of students and lack of precise information about the students and the framework of the syllabus and curriculum.


The role of the teacher here is to deliver the lesson effectively, professionally and as planned to the best of their ability. The teacher’s responsibilities here include keeping a record of the student’s attendance, delivering the lesson as prescribed by the lesson plan with sufficient flexibility to accommodate the student’s questions and assistance required as the lesson develops. They should inspire the students and make good use of resources to teach efficiently monitoring the student’s reactions and feedback, making dynamic assessments that learning is actually taking place rather than just the transfer of information. Boundaries here would be time, students learning (or lack of), student reluctance to participate, student lack of attendance as well as the framework set by the syllabus and curriculum.