Ptlls 6

Daniel Butcher
City and Guilds Level 4 Theory Assignment 6

“Justify the need for keeping records and describe the type of records you would maintain.”

At ATM it is important within my role as a teacher, to keep certain details on record as part of a well planned, assessed and evaluated teaching program. There are also certain records that, by law, we at ATM must keep to match the governments set standards of education.

Here is a listing of the type of records I keep, the reason for these records and ways in which they could be kept.

  * Registers of Attendance: This is a legal requirement which was recorded on paper and now is compiled using online registers

  * Student progress and tracking: Assists teachers in keeping track of students assessment progress helps plan more effective sessions. Kept on ATM’s Moodle site.

  * Initial assessment: Assists me in creating a student profile to form appropriate lessons catered to each students individual needs.

  * Formative assessment: Used to keep track of the learning progress of students. This can come in the form of lesson feedback forms and worksheets.

  * Summative assessment: used for the purpose of over viewing learners progress over all

  * Student reports: Used to give feedback of student progress throughout the year. Kept on Excel documents and logged on ATM Moodle

  * Video evidencing: Used to assess students unit criteria and for tutor feedback. Kept on ATM’s server of Video evidence

  * Schemes of work: Teachers own records of terms content, students learning needs, classroom resources and teaching aids. This ensures that the years content is laid out clearly, assessed and planned effectively and is followed accordingly. Kept personally by tutors and uploaded on ATM Moodle.

  * Lesson plans:   Similar purpose of the above but related to each individual session. Kept personally by tutors and uploaded on ATM Moodle.

  * Student and Tutor Contacts:...