Ptlls 6

T6 Arif Umar

Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain.

I believe that record keeping is an essential tool and constitutes good practice within any industry. Record keeping is however greatly underestimated by many professionals, who often think it is for the clerical staff to carry out. Whilst it is important to have clerical support, it is vital that records are kept by the tutor as part of a students learning structure.

There are many standard records and good housekeeping such as student attendance records, individual learning records and assessments results. It is important to be able to maintain records that could be needed to provide accurate information for audit requirements. Good and efficient records are also essential if a tutor is unavailable and a supply tutor needs to conduct the lesson on their behalf.


Our health and safety records such as register of students, health and safety at work poster, disclaimers of disabilities are all need to ensure we are adhering to current legislation in our provision of training for ourselves and our students and any visitors. As a teacher we have a duty of care to all our visitors and students to ensure that they are kept safe and secure in our environment. Not only does this allow us to meet statuary legislation but also shows the students the importance of such records for everybodys safety.


Teaching records are the most important documents next to health and safety as they allow us to self assess and identify our own area’s of possible improvement and development. Without keeping these records we would not be able to use these findings to better ourselves and intern would not be able to better our students. If our methods of delivery are not successful then it may mean that our quality of training is not even to industry basics. That said this is why we create lesson plans to evaluate the...