Ptlls 1

The Role of the Teacher
Identify needs - finding out the need of the learners. Are there any special needs or preferred learning styles? What are the learners’ motivations and educational experiences?
Plan & Design – what is the course length? What is the session length? Syllabus? What teaching methods will be used? What resources will be used?   What assessment method will be used? From the planning phase prepare a scheme of work and lesson plans to deliver learning to a group or individual based on the needs of the learner, organisation and awarding body syllabus.
Delivery – teaching and learning in a suitable manner. Adapt sessions to suite the learner. Consider teaching methods and resources, and adapt if necessary while the session is in progress. Use formative assessment – observe learners as they ask questions, answer questions and interact with other learners.
Assess – have the students learned what you intended them to learn using formal or informal assessment? Did the session deliver the skills and knowledge? Did it meet the aims and objectives of the session?
Evaluate – obtaining feedback from the learners to get their opinion of the course. Self-evaluate – what did the teacher think of the course. How could it be made better next time? From evaluation, modify or make changes to the session for future delivery.

The Role of a Teacher.
To treat all learners as individuals with equality. To create a safe, effective and stimulating environment for learners that enables the progression and development of all learners. To facilitate communication in such a way that learners are encouraged into a wider debate surrounding the chosen topic.   To ensure sessions’ aims and objectives are meaningful and applicable to the learners. To prepare session plans, the preparation of learning materials, assessing learners and evaluating their own delivery. Maintaining attendance records. Maintaining learner progress by keeping records of interviews, tutorials and...