Ptlls 1 & 2

Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in the terms of the teaching cycle. Summarise key aspects of the current legislative requirements and codes of practise relevant to your subject and type of organisation within which you train/teach.

I work in the Sport, Leisure and Vocational Studies (SLVS) department of Swindon College as a part time teacher and technician. As a P/T teacher my roles, responsibilities and boundaries are as follows:
When students are accepted into college they will have to undergo diagnostic assessment to determine   their learning needs so any special or learning support can be put in place while they are on there course.
I am not responsible for these assessments but I am responsible for ensuring that their needs are met by the college during their course also ensuring that the students have a safe, healthy and secure time at college.
I am responsible for planning, designing, assessing and evaluating my own lessons which I achieve by producing a scheme of work (SOW)/ lesson plans, this sets out my aim for the lesson, what I want my students to learn, different learning objectives, what students should learn by the end of my lesson (all will be able to do, most be able to do, some will be able to do). I also have to assess my students learning using a variety of methods namely, observation, individually and as part of a group, questions, activities, tasks and puzzles.
During my lesson I have to ensure that I embed equal opportunities and equality and diversity by making sure that all students are treated fairly. In my lesson I do not have a very diverse group (8 male, 1 female), but I always make sure that discrimination does not take place towards people of different gender, ethnic origins or religions. I have to be fair and make sure that I do not single out any one student when teaching.
After a lesson I evaluate by looking back over the afternoon to see what went well and what went not so well, how I could...