At the beginning of the training I was assigned the task to review the Leitch Report-Prosperity for All in the Global economy-world class skills. It identified that people need to maximise their skills to reach their potential to create success and prosperity which will increase productivity and create wealth. The Leitch Review was asked to consider the UK’s long term needs and how to improve schools/higher education standards and so we can be a competitive force in the world’s economic market.
The professional standards for teachers and trainers in the learning sector describe the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to deliver the variety of teaching and training roles within this industry for learners and employers. The standards will provide the base line for the development of roles specific to teaching and learning and the unit assessments which will in turn create the performance criteria for all to attain too. The key purpose of the teacher/trainer is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through quality, accurate and bespoke teaching that will enable the learners development and progression. The following are the “umbrella” professional standards for all those involved within the learning sector:
Domain A   Professional Values and Practice
Domain B   Learning and Teaching
Domain C   Specialist Learning and Teaching
Domain D   Planning for Learning
Domain E   Assessment for Learning
Domain F   Access and progression
The role and responsibilities of a teacher are always changing and evolving, it’s a constant cycle of assessment, planning and reviewing. The main role of a teacher or trainer is to engage all the students into the topic they have chosen and to be able to encourage communication that needs to happen to be able to facilitate the session.
To ensure that each session’s aims and objectives are meaningful and applicable to the learners, the teaching role has to incorporate on going administration and assessment....