Ptilorus Magnificus and John Marsden Big World

How have the texts you have studied explored the concept of journeys?
In your answer, refer to TWO prescribed texts. You must also refer to ONE text of your own choosing.

Journeys can be made in many different forms and are a lot more complex than comprehended. Journeys are more than a simple movement as they impact on emotional, physical, spiritual and imaginative levels. Journeys allow the ‘traveler’ to make choices and deal with challenges which ultimately transforms them. Each journey is unique for each individual and the personalization gives authority to the journey which positions it to influence the traveler and transfigure their sense of identity. The individual nature of journeys is evident when comparing the two short stories Big World by Tim Winton, on the trail of Ptilorus Magnificus by Robert Adamson and related material where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak. Each author has used different literary techniques to enforce the notion that journeys are complex processes that are inherently different for all individuals.

On the trail of Ptilorus Magnificus is an epic biography of Robert Adamson’s childhood and youth. Adamson represents the concept of inner journeys through exploring his own characters change and development from a childish perspective within a mature and sophisticated style. Adamson introduces himself in the book as a rather wild and imaginative, adventurous but too often care-less and unthinking boy whose obsession and devotion to birds leads him into an on going criminal career. Adamson appears to be caught up in his own little world and estranged from other children, as seen in his obsessive willingness to steal birds.   He goes on haphazard mischievous adventures and it seems he does not plan to do the wrong thing however, simply do something that, at the present time, means everything to him. This fascination ends in him being...