Psycology an Health Problems

Psychology and Health Problems |
PSY 210 week four assignment |
Stevan Martinez |
12/16/2010 |

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The Multifactorial Module
The multifactorial module is a belief that there is no single cause for a person to have certain health problem. It states instead, that there are many psychological, as well as physical reasons for health problems such as Heart attacks, Cancer, and even headaches.   In this paper, the aspects of the multifactorial module will be explained, as well as how psychology has played a part in understanding and managing certain health problems.
The multifactorial module has six factors that are believed to be responsible for certain health problems. These factors range from biological to stress, and the module holds that they not only a person’s health, but also how susceptible people are to sickness. One of these factors is the Biological factor. This factor covers a person’s age, gender, and ethnicity, as well as other things like, whether or not a person has been inoculated, or if a person has hypertension. In other words the biological factor covers anything that can cause illness on a biological level, that is, anything that is in a person’s body.
The sociocultural factor covers causes of health problems that can be caused by a person’s society. This includes things such as a person’s economic status, the size of a person’s family, and the availability of health care. Also covered by this factor are things like a person’s religious practices, do they have to go periods of time without eating, or do they have to consume things that they are allergic to. Does a person work in a place that promotes health by having them wash their hands, or providing them with the proper protective equipment? All...