Psycological Disorder Analysis

Psychological Disorder Analysis

      Marla is a 42 year old female who is experiencing trouble sleeping, inability to concentrate, sees herself as fat and ugly and as of lately feeling jumpy all of the time. It is now affecting her work and personal life. She is noticing she is becoming agitated because she cannot lose any more weight, lonesome because she cannot go out with her family due to not being able to eat and purge herself, misunderstood by all and feeling more hopeless.
      She acknowledges she has good days and some bad days. She states she finds comfort in food but then once she eats she feels fat and gross. She admits to binging and then purging. She thinks of food all day and dreams of eating. She eats secretly all day then purges at least two times a day. She states she had been very heavy as a child and young adult and that she had tried many different diets throughout her life, none of which had brought off the weight till she began to purge herself. She states she was in her early 30’s when she started purging herself. Interviewing Marla is the next step of my process to diagnose her. To keep Marla relaxed I am going to proceed with my interview in a friendly nature to which she is responding to very well.
      “Marla, I need to ask you some questions. I will understand if you feel that I am prying, but the questions I will ask will help me figure out your problem as in, what is your diagnosis, where did it develop from, how it does affect you, and how we will treat it?” Marla, shifts in her seat many times while I spoke, I note that she is still feeling uneasy. She acknowledges she understands and is agreeable. “Ok, here we go. We will start with your childhood. Can you tell me about what type of person your father was and how was your relationship to him?”
      Marla smiles, “My father was a very nice man but rarely home. He worked much of the time. I never saw him much unless I stayed up late at night to catch him before...