Psychosocial Reflection

Psychosocial Reflection
Trisha Smith
Maryville University
Psychosocial Reflection
Client Background:  
P.M was first seen at the local hospital in Vandalia but he was in too much pain and needed to see a specialist in order to reconstruct his hand and thumb. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital in a larger city which was able to treat him for his injury. P.M’s two injured fingers were non-repairable and so he was left with his thumb which was reconstructed by doctors. His index and long finger sustained no severe damage except for swelling. P.M stayed in the hospital for four days before being released to return home.
Current occupational performance strengths and deficits:
P.M is six weeks post-op and sees Milliken Hand Center twice a week. On his last visit, February 24, 2010, he reported being able to eat a hamburger with his injured hand. When looking at his chart I saw he was unable to eat with the injured hand the visit prior to this visit which was 5 days earlier. I also noticed in his chart that his mother had changed the dressings on his injured hand for the first four weeks; he can now change the dressing on his own hand.
P.M. is very concerned that he cannot help his brother on their farm. They have to hire extra help to accommodate for his absence. He is also worried that he cannot move his thumb as of yet and that the other two fingers are still swollen and move only about fifty percent of what they should. Not being able to drive himself to the city twice a week for therapy is also a concern for P.M.
P.M was telling me how difficult it is on him that he is unable to work with his brother on their dairy farm since he is the eldest of the two brothers and has always been the person in charge. He was always the one who made all the important decisions pertinent to the company. His brother mainly did what P.M asked him to do. After his injury P.M would have to turn that responsibility...