Jarila Burgos
Sleep and Stress Self-Assessment
Week 3
Jean Thorndike

              In the beginning of my sleep assessment I studied my sleeping behavior for 3 days as I went over it I realized the difference in my moods on the days I had a full 8 hours of sleep and on the days I only had 6 hours of sleep. To be quite honest I’m not much of a moody person so when I wake up I’m in a good mood. The difference I saw in myself was when I only achieved 6 hours of sleep I find myself drinking a lot of coffee throughout the day to just get by I am functional but not to the fullest potential that I will like to be. So for the first two days I had the same time of hours for the third day I slept a total of 9.5 hours and that for me was perfection since it was an off day for me I was able to accomplish a lot more in the day since I had the energy too. When it comes to the stages of consciousness I will say that for the first to nights I began my self-assessment I completed the stages 1-4 on the sleep study when I went into the third night my state of consciousness went to REM since I remembered the dream I had. Once reading about the sleep stages and the different things that happen when we are resting and recharging our minds, for the next day I never knew how our dreams can bring hallucinations and sleep paralysis. I have personally experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life it’s one of the most nerve wrecking experiences waking up not being able to move. Since I now know what causes this to happen I’m better prepared in case it were to happen again. As I reviewed the two types of sleep pattern I have also learned that I’m an owl since my sleeping pattern is going to bed at a late hour. Overall learning about my consciousness and the stages we achieve sleeping I find that as we get older we no longer achieve all stages also the importance of a good night sleep understanding how it recharges our personality and just well-being for the next day. Allowing ourselves...