Chapter One Essay, Psychology

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.   It is said that the science of psychology started in 1879 when “the father of psychology” Wilhelm Wundt opened the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany.   The goal in psychology is to uncover the many mysteries of human and animal behavior. This is accomplished by first forming a description of what behavior is happening. To do this, one has to observe the subjects behavior in detail.   The next step is to try to explain why the behavior is happening; the researcher has to form a theory to explain the behavior.   Then they must predict what will happen in the future, to see if a change in behavior is required. Finally the researcher has to find out how the behavior can be changed to have a more favorable outcome.
There are seven different Modern psychological perspectives used to explain human behavior and mental processes.   Psychodynamic Perspective, which is based on Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis but has been modified for modern use, it is still used today by many professionals.   The focus is on the development of a sense of self with the emphasis being on the reasons for the behavior other than sexual motivations.
Behavioral Perspective, like psychodynamic, is based on the early works of John Watson.   A gentleman named B.F. Skinner continued his work. It is founded on how behavioral responses are learned through classical or operant conditioning.
The perspective I find the most fascinating is one of the newer perspectives called Humanistic Perspective. It is also known as the “third eye” it was formed as a reaction from those who did not totally agree with Psychodynamic and Behavioral Perspectives. This perspective was formed by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.   Humanists believe that people have the freedom to choose their own destiny. It is my favorite because it has a very optimistic view of human nature and its...