Psychology and Health Problems

Psychology and Health 2

Summarizing the Multi-factorial approach to health.
To sum up the Multi-factorial model to health approach method, or M model, one can say that it is a health holistic approach to individuals and their health care and health care concerns and needs.   For example; the case of a patient suffering from serious and long-term migraine headaches.   Such health problems were discussed in the text.   What the Multi-factorial approach to health will do in such cases will be to, first, approach the problem with the belief that the patient’s good health is a function of multiple different factors working simultaneously in the life of the patient.  
In the case of such a patient, an example of one M model approach could include the following:
• Preventive therapy sessions
• Managing migraine triggers
• Aborting migraine attacks
• Pain management
Consequently then, the M model practitioner will take into account the patients biological details such as their genetics, immune system, and chronic pain.   For example, loud noises trigger headaches in the patient. Therefore, we can say that the jobsite’s ambience be a cause of some of the patient’s migraines (imagine the patient who works in a foundry or somewhere else with loud noise).   Environmental factors such as pollution and job hazards will also be taken into account, as well as psychological factors like anger, personality, and stress levels.   Furthermore,

                                                                                                  Psychology and Health 3

even sociocultural and cultural factors will be taken into account such as the patient’s family size and health care access ability.  
The M model’s advocates believe that by practicing this information and observation gathering process, they will be in a better position to treat their patient’s psychological issues.   Furthermore, they believe they will also be able to generate better results from the patient...