Psychological Report

Comprehensive Psychological Report

Client:   K
Gender   :   Male
Date of birth:   xx/xx/1922
Marital Status :   Widower
Employment:   Retired
Treating clinician:   Psychologist

Referral Source
K is a 75 year old man referred by Pleasant Paddocks nursing home for assistance with managing his depressive symptoms and some socially inappropriate behaviour; mostly nudity.

Referral Problem
Nurses at Pleasant Paddocks disclosed that K reported having suicidal intentions recently and that they found K sitting naked at the nursing home bus stop last week.   Prior to this incident, nurses have also reported they found K unconscious one morning, naked in the corridor with an empty bottle of alcohol in his hands.

NOTE: Nudity is forbidden at Pleasant Paddocks.

History of Presenting Problem
K disclosed that he has been in and out of bouts of depression for some time.   More recently he felt his mood and thoughts were becoming “darker”.   He stated he had also completely lost interest and pleasure in things he used to enjoy doing.   K reported however, after his conversation with a fellow patient, that he decided he had more living to do.   K said he remembered what it meant to “Seize the day”.

When asked about his nudity, K explained that he had previously joined a nudist group and enjoyed being “free” and feeling “alive”.

Substance Use History
K did not report having any illicit substance use in the past or at present.   He did disclose that he smokes approximately 28 cigarettes a day and if alcohol is available he would drink until he felt intoxicated or “drunk”.

Psychiatric and Medical History
K has asthma which he treats with ventolin as required.   K was previously diagnosed with depression by his treating doctor at Pleasant Paddocks and was prescribed Prozac.   He has also been diagnosed with dementia – Alzheimer ’s disease (AD).   Previous medical report has indicated that K experiences hallucinations associated with his AD.

In addition to the above...