Psychological Needs

Psychological Needs
JoRenie Armstrong
November 18,2013
Vincent D'Elia

Abraham Maslow formulated a graphic chart in the form of a pyramid to display humanity’s basic needs for survival and the fulfillment to reach one’s potential of the ultimate goal of self-gratification. The foundational needs of survival on the bottom three levels supports the entire structure. The physical body’s primary needs are addressed on this level for the proper functionality of the whole person.   On the bottom level the person must receive food for fuel; water necessary for maintenance of each cells that control whole body; proper rest and sleep for rejuvenation of the body and mind in support of the foundation. The urge to seek security from various elements of danger and the need to a secure safe position becomes a matter of concern on the second level. The third level that follows targets the emotional dimension to desire an intimate relational encounter to love and receive love in return. The emotional dimension stimulates man’s desire for companionship to engage in securing a loving relationship with others.
The fourth and fifth level focuses on the mental dimension of man’s desire to seek and achieve the approval of others and the internal emotional drive for personal satisfaction to explore the unknown for knowledge.   The aspiration to explore, gain knowledge, and to understand the knowledge gained is the necessary link in maintaining and achieving the individual’s sense of belonging and recognition. Humanity craves praise and approval to motive and keep the momentum in the quest for fulfillment of one’s individual goals; these are wheels of advancing knowledge in motion that propels civilization forward to improve the knowledge gain that would otherwise become stagnant.
The sixth level is a natural automated desire of man to organize his or hers life in a symmetric and beautifying order. This level of aesthetic needs leads to the final level of...