The film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock was a thriller film that used tension and suspense to shock and surprise the audience. He accomplishes this by using different camera angles, movement, and different shots of the characters to show different emotions. Marion is fed up with how her life is handing out she wants to marry her lover Sam but she can’t because he gives all his money away to alimony. So she goes and steals $40,000 and then heads to Sam in California but gets tired and stops at a hotel. This hotel is run by sneaky Norman and his depressed mother. Although some viewed the film as a love story it happened to be a film using many techniques to make it seem like a suspense film.
The first technique Alfred Hitchcock used was making it the mind of the audience by teasing the audience of how the characters seem at first but then they change as the movie continues. Hitchcock “as a director can throw things at them like pulling them into a dangerous love story” (Bays). Alfred Hitchcock misleads his audience to create shock in the film Psycho. At first we see Marion and Sam together. So he is trying to make it seem like a love story. Then Marion steals the money from her boss so then we think it is going to turn into crime and suspense. But the movie is a thriller and the main character dies towards the end of the film. We didn’t expect this to happen because she wasn’t a bad person and was just trying to make her life better and marry the love of her life. Another thing that changes the whole movie is that Norman dresses like his “mother” in women’s clothing. When there is more suspense and mind blowing scenes “the more the audience has fun, the quicker they come back begging for more” (Bays). He made this movie seem like it had multiple genres just by the characters and using different lighting and loud music. Hitchcock is creating so much false suspense.
When he was using false suspense it made the audience more shocked because they never knew...