Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs Psychology 240

In today’s day and age there are multitudes of psychological disorders (also known as psychiatric disorders) affecting individuals ranging in ages from old to young. These conditions over the years have been reviewed, observed and have become an important part of medicine and psychiatric treatment today. No longer are there inhumane practices to “cure” patients such as shock therapy and excessive medication we have found more effective ways of treatment which allow individuals to recover and function with their conditions.  
One might wonder how an individual gets diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder but it’s a straightforward process. An individual will make contact with a psychologist who will decipher whether or not the patient’s condition is pathological (evidencing a mentally disturbed condition) and then when pathology is confirmed and after more observation and referencing the DSM-IV-TR manual they then specify which disorder the patient possesses considering their behavior and condition and then they will diagnose the patient and request or recommend a particular form of treatment. Manuals are frequently upgraded since there is always new research and studies providing important exclusive insight that outdated manuals may not efficiently cover which may be detrimental to a patient in need.
We have a new patient named Tonya; she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. One of the symptoms Tonya possesses is delusions. Some examples of delusions that schizophrenics experience are delusions of control, as if something is telling them what to do or to commit crimes,” the voice in my head told me to do it”, Delusions of grandeur when an individual believes outlandish impossible instances close to fantasies, and delusions of persecution which is when an individual feels as if everyone is out to get them.   Tonya also is incapable of reacting within the correct amounts of emotions (her emotions are excessively extreme and over the top, or not responsive at...