Psych210 Appendix D

Associate Level Material
Appendix D

The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each:
  a. identify the stressor(s).
  b. briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice.
  c. briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and why you consider this approach a healthy choice.
  d. identify two possible moderators of stress for this situation.

  |Situation                                     |Source(s) of Stress|Unhealthy Reaction|Healthy Reaction     |Two Possible Moderators   |
|                                             |                   |                   |                     |of Stress                 |
|Every morning as she prepares for her         |Pain and Discomfort|Headaches         |Allow for adequate   |Carpool, develop coping   |
|two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a         |                   |                   |time to prepare for |skills to ease the stress|
|headache.                                     |                   |                   |work and get more   |                         |
|                                             |                   |                   |rest at night       |                         |
|Jim hates attending meetings at which he     |Acculturative       |Lack of physical   |Control anxiety with|Learn relaxing breathing |
|might be asked a question. His hands begin to|Stress             |control           |medication           |techniques, think more   |
|shake at the thought of not having the right |                   |                   |                     |positively               |
|answer.                                       |                   |                   |                     |                         |
|Lori's stomach hurts constantly. Lori was     |Life Changes       |Stomach Pain       |Learn coping skills |Find a support group,     |
|married eight months ago, is expecting her   |...