Psych Reaction

Quang Tang                                                                           Human Sexuality
                              My Sexual Experiences (Reaction Paper #1)
            Through this article, I want to share with you about my secrets which I dare saying throughout my life until now. When I was a kid, I did not have any concepts related to sex in mind until I saw my parents having sex. I still remember very clearly that I just was 14 years old, when I saw that scene, I really did not understand what the hell they were doing, but I kept silent and watched them behind the door room. After that incident, I've always wondered and have raised my own questions about sexology, I had learned and discovered the secrets of it. I am a Vietnamese, according to the customs of Vietnam, all parents will always feel embarrassed when they are asked about sex by their children, do not have any method of public education on the issue of sex to teach their children and the school also dismiss or ignore this issue as well. I first saw porn videos when I was home alone, I remember clearly about wonderful feelings at my first time. I masturbated and ejaculated after I had finished watching porn videos, I felt very relax when I first ejaculated on the floor. Since that day, I understood what sexual is and gradually I became a sex addict. I ejaculated every night and every ejaculation’s done, I felt very excited. Everything went on until one day I decided to go out with prostitute, I first touched the breasts and vagina of women was so amazing, so pretty cool. At 17, my first intercourse with stranger happened extremely quickly. She had defeated me with just a few movements on her body. I remember she said: “You should practice more and more to raise your penis. But anyway you are so brave and reckless”. At that time, I felt very embarrassed but I thought about her cryptic words. I wondered why she said that I was so brave and reckless. After...