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Appendix D

Psychotherapy Matrix

Directions: Review Module 36 of Psychology and Your Life. Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy.

{ Psychodynamic Approach } {Behavioral Approach } { Cognitive Approach}
Summary of Approach Psychodynamic rehabilitation search to transport unanswered precedent disagreements and intolerable inclination from the insensible into the cognizant, wherever clients may deal with the troubles more successfully. Psychodynamic methods institute on Freud’s psychoanalytic tactic to individuality, which grasps that persons make use of resistance apparatus, psychosomatic line of attack to defend themselves from improper oblivious desires. The most widespread security instrument is suppression, which thrust intimidating contradiction and urges reverse into the lifeless. Nevertheless, in view of that offensive divergence and compulsion can on no account be entirely obscured, a quantity of the apprehension connected with them can manufacture uncharacteristic performance in the appearance of what Freud entitles as obsessed, irrational, disturbed, fixated, and warning signs. The standards correspond to the fundamental reinforcement of behavioral treatment methods. This builds on the essential movement of knowledge; behavioral therapy makes the primary assumption that both uncharacteristic behavior and ordinary performance link to the culture. Individuals, who take action unusually have cultured unsuccessfully. The ability they require to handle the tribulations of daily existing or have obtained defective dexterity and outline conserved throughout a quantity of manner of corroboration. In the direction of adjusting nonstandard behavior, then, advocating the behavioral method suggest that individuals be required to be taught fresh conduct to reinstate the defective ability they have cultivated and remove their defective behavior model....