Psy201 Nature Nuture

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Nature, Nurture or an Interaction?

For the following examples, decide whether the situation is a result of nature, nurture, or an interaction of the two. Explain your reasoning.


Peter, a 2-year-old only child, displays a bad temper by running to his room and slamming the door when he is angry.

Is this nature, nurture, or an interaction?  
One or a combnation of Nature, Nuture, ans\or Interacton. |

Justify your answer:
A child can learn such behaviors though interaction with siblings and those around them, these types of behaviors can be learned at a young age. These types of behaviors can also be discouraged and this discouragement reinforced passivity which would make a child less inclined to act out in a certain way. It can also be due to nature for if a child is not shown the proper love and affection it can cause these types of outbursts. I also feel it is quite natural for a Childs nature to be somewhat uncontrolled at this young age as we are all animals and action in frustration to difficulties can be quite natural. |


Amelia receives high marks in math. Amelia’s mother is surprised because she never did well in math.

Is this nature, nurture, or an interaction?  
Nature |

Justify your answer:
Our genetic structure can be slightly different than that of our parents being controlled by aspects of environment and nutrition during the fetuses' development. There are also other variables that can lead to a child being better in math than the parents which is a completely natural and is not a rare occurrence. |


Chauncey almost drowned in the pool when he was 5-years old. Susequently. He is afraid to go swimming years after the experience.

Is this nature, nurture, or an interaction?  
Interaction |

Justify your answer:
Having a traumatic interaction with water at a young age he is therefore hesitant to...