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In a lot of our younger life fitting in is all we care about. We mostly try to do this by gaining friends. When we do this though we never really sit back a realize what we are willing to do to be a part of a group. When it cans down to it our friend or group we belong to became the most important part of our young lives. So important that we are willing to not listen to our good judgment. So important that we are willing to get in trouble. So important that we are willing to put our selves in harms way. And for what just to prove we are “down” with our friends. This is one of though stories of a good girl gone bad. Little Sarah left the house with the idea of having good fun. Instead she ended up breaking all the rules.
I believe Sarah displayed Cognitive dissonance when she was weighting out the ideas of going home or going to the party (Learn Psychology,2013).On one hand Sarah is a nice young lady who listen to her parents. On the other hand Sarah is a new girl and really wants to fit in with her new friends. This in turns makes her make the Cognitive dissonance chose to go to the party instead of obeying her curfew(Learn Psychology,2013).
Sarah conformed to her friends when she let her friends talk her into staying out later. Then when Sarah let them talk her in to going to a party and made her believe if she didn’t go then she would be missing out of some thing. Sarah felt at one point that if she didn’t go out with her friends to the party that they wouldn’t invite her out any more. When she got to the party she felt her friends were popular because they knew everybody. She even said at one point even if she was going to get in trouble she was still have a lot of fun with her friends
Sarah showed a lot of the factors of attraction when she linked up with Jack. Sarah showed her competence by starting to talk to Jack who is a junior in high school. Another factor of attraction that was shown was proximity. Proximity was shown when Sarah and Jack found out...