Psy Obeservation Paper

Student Name: Katie Sickler
Infant’s name/ code: Lillian
Age of infant: 10 months
Birth Weight: 7lbs. 15Oz.
Length: 20 ¼ inches
I observed Lillian at Cayuga Community College, Fulton Extension Center. The observation took place in the college classroom, room 157. There are three beige walls and one green wall. The room is very pretty clean and fluorescent lighting made the room very bright and well lit.   There were at least 30 students present, the baby’s mother, who is also a student of this class, and the professor. The floors were completely carpeted in a very light blue color.
The infant appeared to be a very happy and content child, when first arrived into the room. Lillian was there with her mother before students arrived, in order to give her adjustment time. Overall, her initial behaviors were smiling, initiating students who were in the room to play with her, and show her attention, and overall trying to visually, and physically explore her new environment, she was a very curious infant, who was very intrigued with her environment, and new faces. Initially when the professor interacted with Lillian, she appeared a little nervous. However, when the instructor introduced an Elmo toy that sang and danced, she was in the scoot position, and crawled back to mom to check in, to make sure she was safe.   She was very uncertain at first and made many social references with her mother, to see how she should react. After a few minutes, and the instructor pulled out some colorful blocks, she became more relaxed and comfortable, and appeared to socially accept the instructor.
The professor than pointed out her pincher grasp, which was advanced for her, while she was picking up blocks, and how she could switch from hand to hand. He also showed how infants have a survival mode reflex to reach and grab objects off their head.   He showed us this by playing a fun...