Psy Critical Thinking

What Do Dreams Mean? Whatever Your Bias Says.
Question or Problems:
What do dreams mean?
What is the significance of a dream?
How can you tell which “gate” your dream comes from?
What dreams are you supposed to take seriously?
The author is directing this article to an audience that wonders if the dreams that they have on a nightly basis, have any significance in their everyday life. The target audience for this article is probably the young to middle aged people who have questions about why they dream and what their dreams mean when they have them.
Dreaming, interpretation, distinction, meaning, agnostics.
Affect Domain: The things that people dream about depend on the emotions of that person. Some dreams are just random impulses from the brain, but most have to do with the emotions that your feeling.
Behavioral Domain: Having a dream about your significant other kissing your friend will make you more likely to ask them about it. This can also make it more likely for it to happen if you ask them about it.
Cognitive Domain: If a dream continues to occur over a short period of time, a person may start to believe that it could be a sign for something to happen that has to do with the original dream.
In a study done by Carey Morewedge of Carnegie Mellon University and Michael Norton of Harvard, 1000 students were tested from three different countries.
According to the study, few students believed that dreams were just random impulses from the brain. Majority of the students believed that dreams were a way that dreams reveal important unconscious emotions.
Point of View:
Psychological Point of View- People have dreams because of the emotions they feel before they go to sleep. These emotions determine how you will dream on that given sleep period.
Sociological Point of View- People have dreams because that is how they show emotion while they are...